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Sound Factory Live Events

Sound Factory Live Events is where we promote live events for up and coming or established artists/bands that allow them to showcase their talent in music production.

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Sound Factory Live Sessions

It is a sector that works with up and coming or established artists that wish to pursue gigs under our Sound Factory Live Promotions events, or that wish to take part in Sound Factory Live Sessions. During these sessions, we record and film live performances of artists in preparation for public viewing via social media outlets. The live events and live sessions generally work alongside eachother in the sense that they operate on a weekend. For example, we would set up the Barbican Theatre space for a band's live performance.

This might be acoustic and stripped back, or it could be the band playing as they usually would. Or in some cases the band might play alongside an orchestral element. However they choose to perform, then gets filmed by our videographer, recorded by an engineer (before then being mixed in our studio), and later on edited ready for socials. The same artists will later that day perform on one of our promotional nights at a partnered venue. Here we ensure that an engineer of our choice is taking care of them. Artists often then ask to have their performance filmed by a videographer again.

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