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Sound Factory

Sound Factory

What do we do?

Sound Factory is a company that creates opportunity for musicians of all levels through its three sectors: Sound Factory Live, Sound Factory Studio and Sound Factory School; both of which opening in 2024. Sound Factory Live is currently working on projects with up and coming or established artists that wish to pursue gigs under our Sound Factory Live Promotions events, or that wish to take part in Sound Factory Live Sessions.

During these live sessions, we record, mix, film and edit live performances of artists in preparation for public viewing via social media outlets. This is filmed and edited by videographers that have experience at the infamous Abbey Roads Studios, Sony and BBC live sessions too. The live sound is engineered and mixed by a team with experience in engineering/producing iconic albums with the likes of Oasis, Stone Roses, The Verve, Supergrass, Robert Plant, Muse and many more.

The experience and wealth of knowledge at Sound Factory is second to none when it comes to live session work and live performance. Get in touch and enquire today.