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Partnering with Nudge Community Builders

Here at Sound Factory we have a partnership with the community benefit society, Nudge Community Builders who own/run five fantastic buildings in Stonehouse on Union Street. Each building has a backstory and is special and unique to Plymouth's history in its own way. Their mission is to nudge lasting change in surprising and enterprising ways to build a strong local community and economy. In the last five years they have:

  • Unlocked 25% of Union Street land with derelict and empty buildings on it
  • Made improvements and brought new uses to 4000sqm of land
  • Employed six full-time members of staff (five live within one mile)
  • Employed two part-time members of staff (one lives within one mile)
  • Spent 96% of their income in Plymouth and 53% within one mile
  • Supported 87 people to develop projects and businesses in Stonehouse
  • Hosted 107 interventions and improvements on the Street
  • Worked with 286 organisations and individuals to host 1479 events, attracting 54,000 people
  • Created a free WiFi area along the Street, which was used over 2000 times over the course of six months
  • Supported 112 people during the COVID-19 lockdowns with shopping, regular phone calls, and prescription pick-ups
  • Distributed 75 digital devices refurbished by Borrow Don't Buy among local families

On top of all of these amazing accomplishments, Nudge has used their Millenium Building to put on The Awakening nights which saw 9 nights of live music being performed, streamed, watched and danced to. This team of amazing people have now given us access to this unique and historic space in order to film and record our Sound Factory Live sessions! These sessions aim to shed light on local talent. Through our use of the space, lighting, sound videography and marketing teams, we promote these sessions on our social media platforms as well as on our website. We want to push local bands/artists but also bring talent from further afield here so the music scene in Plymouth thrives and the Millenium Building on Union Street is awoken once again.